At this point, the original release date for Diddy’s Last Train To Paris won’t be remembered by most as the album has seen more than its share of pushbacks. With the release now slated to drop June 22, being scheduled before for a release date September 2009, there are rumors stating that the Bad Boy […]

Diddy just released his latest single “They Don’t Love Me.” From our point of view, he should stick with executive producing and counting that paper because they Shyte is well umm…. hard on the ears. But don’t take our word. Give it a listen and tell us what you think. Diddy – “They Don’t Love […]

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“Im tryna get my paperwork signed.” If Jadakiss’ threat to drop a refrigerator on his former boss’s head was any indicator, it seemed clear back then that it was more than an obstacle for artists to escape the contractual grip from Puff Daddy. With the return of Mase, the first priority that was in question […]