The ex-girlfriend of XXXTentacion detailed in a delivered court testimony harrowing details of domestic abuse and violence at the hands of the Miami rapper.

 New York Giants kicker Josh Brown is a low down and dirty dude, according to recently released documents. The football player who is currently still on the roster admitted to abusing his wife, using women for sex, and maintaining a robust porn addiction.

Over the weekend, Lifetime aired  Michel’le‘s intense Surviving Compton film, which revealed the R&B singer’s turbulent past with Dr. Dre. Twitter has banded together and has been tearing apart the producer’s domestic violence past in unrelenting fashion.

Kansas City rapper Tech N9ne is world renowned for his electrifying stage show, but now he’s about to  be known for something else entirely. The Strange Music boss donated bras to a shelter in his hometown that houses survivors of domestic violence.

If you need any further proof that NFL star and struggle rapper Greg Hardy is a scumbag, allegedly, here it is. More like, here they are, as photos of Hardy’s ex-girlfriend, Nicole Holder, after he allegedly assaulted her have been revealed. 

This is not the way to get a woman’s attention. Nonetheless, some guy in China allegedly bit off his wife’s nose, and swallowed it, all because she wouldn’t answer his phone calls.

Marvin Tramaine Hill II was arrested by Des Moines police after he reportedly slapped his pregnant wife with a McChicken sandwich from McDonald’s, “because he doesn’t like them.” So much for a happy meal.

Of the two major controversies the NFL are juggling, it’s agreed that the league’s handling of the Ray Rice abuse controversy was far from pristine. That said, claims that the league was privy to a tape showing the former Baltimore Raven knocking his now wife unconscious prior to it leaking are expounded on in an AP report, featuring more details from the anonymous Atlantic City law enforcement official who sent the […]

Police in Oklahoma arrested a man after he stabbed his ex girlfriend, and was subsequently shot multiple times by the woman’s 11-year-old daughter Tuesday (Sept. 23). The girl had just learned how to use a gun the day before.

A week has passed since Ray Rice received an indefinite suspension from the NFL, following extended footage of him brutally striking his then fiance twice in an elevator. Having said little to none since the league’s ruling, Pro Football Talk reports that the All-Pro running back will answer back today (September 15) by appealing the decision.

A domestic assault turned semi-cannibalistic when a Chicago woman bit off her boyfriend’s finger during a fight Friday (Oct. 26). The unidentified woman was being choked by her boyfriend, 37-year-old, Jerry Stevenson, and took drastic measures to get away from him.