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Soulja Boy has taken his lumps from last year and already spun them into positives in just a couple of weeks into January 2014. With a new album on the way and a club anthem with the hottest name in the game in the books, his future this season should be brighter than the diamonds […]

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Drake promised he’d release a hand full of songs before the year ends. Today, we received the first, titled “We Made It Freestyle,” featuring Soulja Boy.

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Soulja Boy, whose 2013 has been an exercise in struggle, was recently hit with legal documents that claim he has a 5-year-old son with a woman magnificently named Diamond Shantaniece Mackey. The child’s name is “Portlon.” We kid you you not. 

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Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em’s 2013 hasn’t exactly been the smoothest year of his career, or personal life for that matter. Just when we thought SB would close out his 365 on a quiet note, a woman by the name of Diamond Shantaniece MacKay (not to be confused with on-again-off-again girlfriend, also named Diamond) slapped the 23-year-old with legal […]

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Struggle rap favorite Soulja Boy needs to call Maury. A woman claims the “Turn My Swag On” rapper fathered her 5-year-old son and is seeking child support. 

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For every chart-topping rhyme slinger who marries big (see: Future or Jay Z), there’s a legion of rappers who get by on sheer luck.

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Whether illegal or legal, everyone has their vices. When fame is added to the mix those desires and preferences can reach drastic heights. Even some of your favorite rappers can relate.

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Grand opening, grand closing. That’s how fast fame can come and go. And when you consider how finicky Hip-Hop fans are; rappers truly tread a fine line between greatness and has been status.

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The music industry is surely a tough business; especially when it comes to Rap. Your lyrics better be on point, album features are expected to be star studded, the jewels need to bling blaow and the swag should always be pristine. Unfortunately a rapper’s great work in those categories can go out the window if […]

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Soulja Boy‘s plans to fly the friendly skies didn’t go down as planned last weekend. The “Turn My Swag On” rapper got booted from an American Airlines flight when he didn’t cooperate with a flight attendant’s instructions to…wait for it…have a seat. 

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Soulja Boy is still just 23 years-old, and rich. So of course, the “Turn My Swag On” rapper celebrated in style in Hollywood this past Saturday. 

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What is Soulja Boy‘s motivation? The rapper consistently caught up in f-ckery was spotted chilling with notorious thirst bucket Karrine “Superhead” Steffans.