The Entire Republican National Convention

Before it was even scheduled to start, Mother Nature proved to not be fond of the Republican National Convention. The first day of the RNC was pretty much canceled after Hurricane Isaac rolled through the southern states. Once they were back on track, Romney’s wife, Ann, offered up a speech humanizing her husband as a loving partner, father, son, and grandfather. Ann’s words received minimal criticism, but just when things were looking up…VP running mate Paul Ryan gave a speech littered with inaccuracies.

Then there was the “Clint Eastwood-factor.” Eastwood, a surprise speaker at the RNC, confused those in attendance (and viewers across the nation) with his bizarre argument with a foul-mouthed invisible President Obama, “seated” right behind him. Rather than helping Romney’s fight, Eastwood came off as a bitter elderly man, who had no clue that he was on live television, or speaking to an audience.

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