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Chet Haze aka Tom Hanks’ son Chester is clearly a douchebag. After freely using the N-word and getting called out for it, he took to Instagram to explain why it’s okay for him as a white guy to use the racial slur. 

“If I say the word ni**a I say it amongst people I love and who love me,” is how Chet starts his explanation, which was accompanied by a video to basically bolster his exercise in poor logic.

In said clip he says Hip-Hop has no race and that people won’t get his opinion because the wounds of the N-word are still “so fresh.”

Then why use it, Chester? Maybe because you’re a poseur whose suspect Black friends never bothered to enlighten you about how ridiculous you sound?

You just can’t strip said word of its context—particularly if you’re a privileged white guy—and say it’s all good because your part of the racial utopia that is Hip-Hop. We say “racial utopia” with the utmost sarcasm because…Iggy Azalea.

Baby Forest Gump is using the same reasoning thinly veiled racists use to keep using the word—”Why can’t we use it too?!” The real question is, if so many people are telling you it’s wrong, why are you so pressed to use it when there are so many other words to express your “camaraderie?”

Yo Tom Hanks, get your son.