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A Pasadena location of Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles was robbed Wednesday afternoon (Feb. 3) after a man was denied service for not wearing a mask. The man then returned with a gun and took all the chicken and the waffles, and police are still trying to locate the suspect.

Local outlet ABC7 reported on the Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles robbery incident, updating their reporting with surveillance video that, while grainy, shows the man’s face in detail. Workers inside the store say they were at first confused as the suspect went to the back of the store instead of the front where the cash registers are. It became clear that the suspect’s only concern was the chicken.

Witnesses say that the man first entered the Roscoe’s to place an order but was told to leave the establishment due to not wearing a mask. He was instructed that if he returned with a mask, he could then resume his order. One of the workers spoke with ABC7 about the harrowing incident and shared more details with the outlet

“He comes straight toward me with a gun, pointing at me and saying put all the chicken in the bag,” cook Robert Gonzalez said. The man took an unknown quantity of chicken, waffles, and syrup, the cook added.

The restaurant’s manager shared a similar view of what occurred.

“He didn’t take any cash,” Angela Prieto said. “He actually took chicken and before he walked out the door he took syrup for his chicken.”

Prieto said that many inside the restaurant were “feeling scared” and said that the cashier in the store was “very scared” but later had a laugh about the intense moment because the man clearly just wanted chicken.

If the police are truly diligent, it won’t be long before the suspect was found because the anti-mask thief’s face was captured on video by surveillance cameras.

More details of the Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles robbery can be found here.

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