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Five women started fighting aboard a flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles Wednesday (March 9) morning, because two of the women wouldn’t turn their music down. The women were (obviously) tipsy at the time, and playing music from “a boombox speaker.”

Nicholas Robertson, a 28-year-old Black man, was fatally shot by a pair of Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies as he crawled away from them Saturday (Dec. 12) morning. The officers claim that Robertson was armed, and fired off shots from a handgun before arriving at the scene.

This attempted heist went terribly wrong. An apparent struggle thief (accidentally?) took a selfie video with the robbery victim’s phone. 

Jay Z and Beyoncé are now on the lookout for new digs in the Los Angeles area, this after their rental home there was sold and the power couple decided not to outbid the unnamed buyer. The Carters have around two months to find a new space, and they’re looking at some of Los Angeles most […]

For fans hoping to see Frank Ocean rock out this weekend in Los Angeles for the FYF Fest are probably a little bummed after news surfaced the crooner and songwriter canceled his headlining Saturday performance. However, things are certainly looking up for attendees after it was announced that Kanye West will be Ocean’s replacement in […]

It’s hard to believe that gangs are still banging strictly off of colors but the tragedy of Tavin Price reminds us that the concrete jungle is dangerous as ever.

A man in Los Angeles lost a thumb in a machete attack this weekend. The thieves wanted his bike — as in a regular bicycle that’s not worth using a dangerous weapon over.

Say goodbye to the Made in America Festival’s multi-coast platform (for now). After just one year, the Los Angeles installment has been cancelled, but Philly is still locked in.

On Tuesday (May 19) Los Angeles City Council approved a plan to gradually raise minimum wage from $9 to $15 per hour by the year 2020. While the federal minimum wage rate is still hovering near $8.00, the 14-1 city council vote makes Los Angeles the largest major American city to embrace the wage hike […]

The recent police-related shooting deaths of Walter Scott and Eric Harris has bolstered an already simmering movement decrying police brutality across the nation. In New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Oakland, reports have come in from various news outlets of arrests regarding the protests.

Last year a pair of Covina Valley schoolteachers in California came under fire for allegedly hosting an overnight camping trip that wasn’t sanctioned by school officials. The women supposedly took five male students on the trip and heard a bevy of charges related to the alleged sex and drug-fueled orgy this past Monday (Mar. 2).

Let’s take a trip to Los Angeles, where you just might find a woman like our latest Bangin Candy, Jena Frumès.