Fans of Kanye West in the Anaheim area will have to wait a bit longer to get their rant or ridiculous revelation. The Yeezus tour caught a snag due to some unforseen technical issues.

Kanye West has done more press this year than any of recent memory. Today, he appeared on Big Boy’s Neighborhood to discuss a bevy of topics and kick a freestyle off the top of the dome to boot.

Since Kanye West uttered the words, “Yeezus season approaching,” he’s found numerous ways to make his sixth studio album’s title a common term in Hip-Hop. This continues with the opening of the official “Yeezus” tour pop-up shop in Los Angeles.

Kanye West is a mastermind of keeping himself in the news, and the Yeezus tour has been the perfect soapbox for his antics. Unlike the San Jose show–which was privy to some new music–the ticketholders of Las Vegas were treated to an egotistic sermon that spawned for over ten minutes.

When speaking on Kanye West‘s various talents, one cannot neglect his clear eye for crafting impressive visuals. However, album budgets won’t allow the G.O.O.D. Music MC to please everyone (and by everyone we mean us).

The fourth and final installment of Kanye West and BBC 1 personality Zane Lowe‘s intimate discussion is here. This time around, the G.O.O.D. Music founder discusses no longer having the desire to create music alone, why he’s a “New Slave,” Kendrick Lamar, Paparazzi and more.

Kanye West took an hour to get things off his chest during an intimate interview with BBC 1’s Zane Lowe. Broken down into a quartet of installments, part three shows G.O.O.D. Music’s general speaking more on his music and his frustrations with the fashion industry.

Part two of Zane Lowe’s intimate discussion with Kanye West has released, and it’s as entertaining as the first. Continuing from what we saw last, the rapper says Hip-Hop is the new Rock & Roll, and that he easily sits atop of the proverbial mountain of stars.

Many fans have been anticipating Zane Lowe‘s interview with Kanye West on BBC Radio 1 since the trailer dropped last week. Well, the wait is over, so to speak, as part one has released.

Kanye West, known to have an affinity for France, performed his Yeezus track “Black Skinhead” over the pond on Le Grand Journal.

Now this is a surprise for the ages. There have been rumors that Kanye West planned to embark on his first solo tour since 2008’s “Glow In the Dark” tour, but no one could have foreseen who his running mate would be.

There is no denying that Kanye West is one of the most popular entertainers on the planet. However, his rise to the top has been filled with some zany moments and media displays that border on embarrassing.