Break-ups and make-ups are extremely commonplace in Hip-Hop culture. After nearly a decade of being split apart, Cee Lo reunited with his Goodie Mob breathen for a full-fledged album campaign.

Although no sexual assault charges were brought forth against Cee Lo Green, he isn’t in the clear just yet. On Monday (Oct. 21), the Goodie Mob rapper was charged in Los Angeles with furnishing a controlled substance, a felony, and pled not guilty in court the same day. 

Cee Lo Green just dodged a bullet. The Goodie Mob rapper/singer has been cleared of sexual assault charges, but he did catch a felony for supplying ecstasy, though.

Fans were elated after receiving news of Goodie Mob’s plans to create another album. But that was last year, and since then, there’s been little indication that Age Against the Machine would release anytime soon. That changed last night, when Cee-Lo Green refueled expectations for the project by announcing an official release date at the Billboard Music Awards.

Cee-Lo Green contorts the L.A. streets in the visuals for “Only You,” featuring Lauriana Mae. The scenery makes twists and turns reminiscent to the illest scenes Christopher Nolan’s Inception, and ultimately prevents the Soul Machine from connecting with his true love, played by Mae.

Add Muppet themed video co-star/collaborator next to Goodie Mob rapper, R&B crooner and The Voice judge on Cee Lo Green’s resume. The Atlanta native drops a visual for “All I Need Is Love,” featuring the Muppets, from his Christmas album, Cee Lo’s Magic Moment. 

Details of the s-xual battery charges that an LA woman has hurled at Cee Lo Green are beginning to be revealed. According to the still unnamed woman, the R&B singer/rapper secretly gave her ecstasy in downtown LA restaurant before she blacked out and woke up naked in a room Green. 

Everyone’s favorite Goodie M.O.B. rapper turned successful Pop singer, Cee Lo Green, has been accused of s-xual battery. The Atlanta native and current The Voice judge denies being involved in any wrongdoing, though.

Cee-Lo Green will be dropping his first Christmas album this October called Cee-Lo’s Magic Moment. This album will feature no rap features but it will have appearances from her The Voice costar, Christina Aguilera, Straight No Chaser, Rod Stewart and The Muppets. Yes, The Muppets. Cee-Lo will put soulful renditions over Christmas classics like “This Christmas,” “The Christmas Song,” “White […]

Once upon a time Cee Lo Green was known more for rapping with his group, Dungeon Family members the Goodie M.O.B., than his singing chops (he did show them off often, though). Flash forward to 2012 and besides receiving more accolades for his crooning, the ATL native is also a judge on NBC’s The Voice. […]

The tribute-filled 2012 Billboard Music Awards took place last night at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hosted by ABC’s Modern Family stars, Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen, only a fraction of the awards were actually given out during the telecast due to the performance-heavy show.

The Goodie M.O.B. debuted a new song called “Fight To Win” on last night’s episode of The Voice. While dressed up like gold-plated Cylons, along with glowing teeth, Cee Lo, T-Mo, Khujo and Big Gipp, who had a reality show in the UK, performed the rousing track for the reality talent show’s audience. Goodie’s new album, […]