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Soulja Boy‘s mother and brother recently took to social media to lambast the rapper for not supporting them financially. To this, Draco responded by telling the world that his family is full of leeches and that his mother is a crackhead. 

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Soulja Boy ain’t too happy that Chris Brown is pulling out of their much hyped celebrity boxing match. For days, Draco been vocal about his displeasure with Breezy’s sudden reluctance to get in the ring.

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Chris Brown has called off his much-hyped boxing match against Soulja Boy. 

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Soulja Boy is still ready to shoot the fair one with Chris Brown and says that the R&B entertainer is holding up their much-hyped celebrity boxing match from proceeding. The Atlanta accused Breezy of being too scared to sign the contract, and it has been confirmed by the fight’s promoter than Brown is the last […]

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Soulja Boy hasn’t been doing himself any favors on the PR tip in support of his much-ballyhooed fight with rival Chris Brown. The ATL rapper’s latest fumble occurred Tuesday night (Jan. 17) via a series of now-deleted tweets where the Human Draco himself said he’ll put on the celebrity boxing match via his own promotions […]

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In the latest chapter of the Chris Brown versus Soulja Boy struggle, Brown’s trainer Mike Tyson has begun work on a diss track aimed at “Big” Soulja.

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Ear-biter and child-eater Mike Tyson says he will teach Chris Brown all that he knows to knockout Soulja Boy in their upcoming “fight.”

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Guess we should start taking this Chris Brown and Soulja Boy fight seriously. Mike Tyson just agreed to train Brown and Floyd Mayweather is training Soulja Boy.

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The Soulja Boy and Chris Brown beef has reached peak pettiness, with both sides reportedly signing a contract for a PPV boxing match. SB recently explained that the ultimate source of their tiff is Breezy putting hands on Rihanna. 

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The ongoing feud between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown appeared to be simmering down, but a move from the “Crank That” rapper might have shifted the tide back to tense times. Soulja stirred the hornet’s nest by bringing Breezy’s daughter, Royalty, and mom Nia Guzman into the mix by mentioning he was hanging out with […]

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Turning his troll meter up to their highest levels, 50 Cent took to Instagram last night claiming that Floyd Mayweather’s promotions company would put on a Chris Brown v. Soulja Boy boxing match. Brown also got involved in the trash talk even though Soulja has since decided to walk away from the beef.

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An abundance of street credibility Soulja Boy has not. So when he went on Vlad TV and told what many felt was a fraudulent – if not Trumped up – story about that one time he shot up a burglar in his home, the internet decided the best course of action was to parody Soulja’s narrative a la Tom Cruise’s […]